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  • Making our bold moves with tedxteen

    When you are called in to work on a Saturday, it’s lovely when it doesn’t actually feel like work – luckily, TEDxTEEN can be depended upon for fun, excitement, and inspiration. So, Saturday June 24th, our scribes happily travelled down to the 02 – coffees in hand – to capture the rich, diverse and always…

  • Ted-2013-main-stage

    TED 2013

    David, a committed ‘TEDster’ was over in Long Beach in February to attend the main TED 2013 Conference. His journal entry ‘What I learned at TED’ seemed popular with our friends who subscribe to our newsletter (subscribe here) so we thought we’d put it up for everyone to see.

    It’s now coming up to two weeks since TED Long Beach came to a close. Under the banner of ‘The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered.’ It promised much – and certainly delivered. What follows is a brief synopsis of what I feel are the key takeaways and ideas to amplify. Please take a look for yourself on the site – the talks are still going up but I’ll reference them where I can.