Case Study

Remote ideation working for Global Food brand messaging

Case Study

Reinforcing the vision whilst encouraging new behaviours

Case Study

Employee engagement through an immersive environment

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Case Study

Unlocking inspiration when depicting our future cities & infrastructure in Engineering

Case Study

Collaborating cross-industry in Energy to innovate new business models, that meet future needs

Collaboratively working
with you to rapidly iterate,
and deliver impactful


Everything we do is bespoke to each client and their needs, that’s why our starting point is always a collaborative scoping conversation where we work with you to rapidly create a brief and iterate at pace to align on your messaging and look and feel. Visual themes often contain multiple evolving narratives.

Count on us

At every stage of the process you can count on our expertise in using visual thinking and modelling to help you manage ambiguity, facilitate alignment, and break down complex ideas to communicate them with coherence and clarity. Our graphic facilitators will help you choose the best and most engaging format for your messaging, ranging from presentations and infographics to training tools and websites.