When organisations face challenging disruptions and strategic shifts, the level of complexity involved can quickly demand more than the existing processes and culture can handle. But outsourcing to traditional teams of traditional consultants often leads to solutions that are hard to implement in practice.

Innovation Arts brings a fresh and highly effective approach to tackling these complex problems, acting as a catalyst for the enterprise’s own resources.

Our Collaboration Consulting approaches stimulate and direct your own stakeholders’ intellect and imagination, unleashing their ‘group genius’ through application of collaborative methodologies based on Applied Design Thinking and Whole System Facilitation. We use a multi-layer approach that acts at each level of the system – top down and bottom up – ensuring alignment and integration for sustainable results.

This means we can:

-Deliver clarity and alignment, faster

-Deliver better decisions, faster

-Maintain agility and momentum

-Provide integrated support for change

And all the while freeing your team from the weight of managing the programme itself, so you can benefit from the best of your own resources at each stage of the programme.

There is no ‘off the peg’ solution at Innovation Arts: everything we do is bespoke to each client and their needs, and that’s why we always start with a diagnostic scoping conversation, not a proposal. These half-day sessions typically bring half a dozen of your critical stakehold- ers together to dig deeper into the challenges you face, helping you articulate and align on the problem and exploring potential ways forward.

Setting Direction

Delivering clarity and alignment-faster

We offer strategic leadership support that helps your leadership teams maintain a high-level, systemic focus on your strategic and cultural objectives during times of disruption. This can range from asking thoughtful questions to provoke your thinking on pressing issues and uncover ways to anticipate and resolve them, through to co-designing a programme of interventions to create energy and momentum.

Catalysing Change

Delivering better decisions-faster

We work alongside you to bring the necessary diverse stakeholders together to collaborate and accelerate decision-making on complex problems. By assembling the people who know, the people who decide and the people who do, robust decisions can be made in a fraction of the time. Stakeholders leave these sessions with a sense of urgency and ownership for solutions they have designed, tested and aligned on.

Maintaining Momentum

Maintaining agility and fitness in complex multi-project programmes.

Through applied design thinking, we provide an agile programme development framework to maintain momentum and manage interdependencies. This ensures teams progress and continue to prioritise activity based on strategic objectives. The key to our results is working collaboratively to enable and support your existing resources.

Engaging the organisation

Integrated support for change

We help you ensure engagement by maintaining a coherent, visually engaging narrative across programme communications, and out to the wider enterprise. Where cultural change is required we draw on Games Science to embed values and behaviours.

What Our Clients Say

Listening to us tell you all about how good we are is like a comedian telling you how funny they are. We prefer to let our work and our clients do the talking for us.

BBC World Debate

A vision for the Middle East. Nick Gowing presents a BBC World Debate exploring a vision of peace for the Middle East, using the innovative WorkSpace concept for collaborative innovation.

WEF Davos WorkSpace

Some of the highlights of our work – with our extended ‘family’, the Value Web – at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland

Design Session Client Testimonial

A Corporate Strategy Design Event we ran with the leadership of a Global Professional Services organisation in London, UK