The team

David Christie

Collaboration Consulting

Eddie Jacob

Creative Communications

eddie jacob

Sam Lakha

Games Science

James Huyton

Creative Communications

James Huyton

Natasha Solano


Sarah Manley

Collaboration Consulting

Serah Njau


Carlos Bentabol

Creative Communications

Carlos Bentabol

Jed Mills

Creative Communications

Rhys Kyte

Games Science

Amy Sawbridge

Collaboration Consulting

Jonathan Guppy

Collaboration Consulting

A hybrid strategy consultancy and design agency

We work together with you to design specific interventions and tailor-made programmes, drawing on our portfolio of offerings to best meet your needs:

-Collaboration Consulting
-Creative Communications
-Games Science

It’s a unique blend that helps you think differently about the challenges you’re facing, and then address them by taking and implementing decisions. Our interventions are designed to accelerate progress during all phases of our clients’ programmes, from designing solutions through to delivery and communications, as well as on-going coaching and support at a leadership level.

Innovation Arts divisions

Our Values

We’re a values-based business and passion underpins everything we do.

You can count on us for the following:


You learn rapidly and eagerly

High Performance

You care intensely about the success of (y)our business


You create new ideas that prove useful


You are true to yourself and others


You accomplish amazing amounts of important work


You take (y)our work seriously and yourself less so